Do’s and Don’ts during this Covid-19 pandemic
May 26, 2020
What’s is your favourite colour lipstick?
June 18, 2020

Isolation was not a great experience. At first, I was all cool with the whole lockdown thing. By week 2 I started getting a bit agitated. Then week 4 arrived and the whole household started getting agitated. Then both my brothers decided to move back – now you can imagine what a disaster that was – 5 people in one house with only 2 of them working full time. This is when I realised, I needed to do something and do it really fast just to stay out of the spotlight.

1. Read a book

This is the best way to kill time. You can get lost in this fantasy world, or in some romance that has been waiting for ever to be read. The best way to read a book is when you have a hot cup of
coffee, tea or hot chocolate (which ever you prefer), and combine it with a nice blanket. Now snuggle up and enjoy your book!

2. TV marathon

My favourite series to bench watch during this Lockdown was Suits – I just loved it! I sat there from morning till evening with homemade pasta and some snacks and enjoyed the bit of free
time I could get. Make sure to do the same!

3. Experiment with some drinks

They said some will come out of quarantine either a cook or a bartender. I think I came out a bartender – we took every alcoholic drink we had and made amazing cocktails, gins, etc. It was so much fun creating all these drinks.

4. Play some board games

We all get so tied up in our busy lives, that we barely have time for the kid in us. Now we have lots of time. Get out that old board game, get the family together and make some memories!

5. Do some online courses

This is a great way to start improving yourself to become a better person. Although online courses can be a bit pricey, try doing something that you have always wanted to do. Learning to play a musical instrument for example was a fun course for me to do.

6. Do some exercises

Yoga was a perfect form of exercise for me to do as it was not stressful or even hard work – but believe me when I say the next morning, I was so stiff! Regardless to say, when we were allowed to go for a jog, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and started a healthy gym routine at home.

7. Get a bit creative with a DIY project

DIY projects are best projects ever! Colour something, do a tie dye with your white T-shirts, do anything that inspires you. Make some pyjamas, do some art and crafts or bake a cake!

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