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We all LOVE wearing lipstick – it gives you that finishing touch. Did you know that your lip colour says a lot about you? The colour you choose shows off your personality. That is awesome! I personally love a nude lipstick.

Here is what every colour means:


Coral is a beautiful colour and goes with every outfit! Coral is mostly associated with outdoorsy people, who love to go on hikes,swimming, walking or anything that is outside. As long as the sun shines on your skin you are happy!


Peach always looks good on other people until I put it on then I look like a clown! Peach is a very warm colour. Peach lipstick let’s people know what a good person you are. You care about others
like your family and friends. You love helping others and always give them your time, energy and love.

Bright red

his is a bold colour to wear. Dark red lips show your confidence to the world. If this is your favourite colour, then you are showing the world that you are passionate. Even wearing the colour red can help boost your confidence. You love it when people admire you and leave them wanting more.

A youthful pink

Light pink lipstick is usually associated with cuteness and cuddliness, but under all that there is some sassiness combined with innocence. This shade tells the world that you like things that are visually pleasing for example: puppies.


Mauve is a beautiful colour. It is a combination of violet and grey, and the lipstick is usually a matte lipstick. This is a shade of power and luxury. It is more about quiet control and that you leave a sense of wonder. You know exactly where you are going in life and you are determined to get it. You do not like to show off your things, and you are an organized and patient person.

A nice nude

Nude is my absolute favourite! I am IN LOVE with it as it goes with any outfit you wish to wear. Nude can reflect your personality as not wanting to be the centre of attention. You tend do build other people up and bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Bright Pink

You love leading and adventures in your life. You are outgoing and energetic person. You do not mind standing out and love to be the centre of attention. You are an extrovert and always say yes to new things.

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