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October 5, 2020
July 7, 2021

We all love a room that smells fresh. There are just countless potpourri oil fragrances to choose from. The problem is not picking the right fragrance – the problem is how do we use this potpourri oil to its full potential? Here are some tips on how to use potpourri oil.

1. An oil burner

This is one of the basic ways to use potpourri oil. An oil burner is often made of stone or metal featuring a bowl like structure which holds a tea light candle underneath. Pour is a little water in the bowl on top and place several drops of your favourite fragranced drops of potpourri oil in the water. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE VERY CAREFUL AS THIS IS FLAMMABLE. Light your tea light candle and place it beneath the bowl. When the water starts to heat up the fragrance will start to fill the room.
Bonus: Instead of water you can use scented bath crystals.

2. A homemade air freshener

What? Yes, that is correct, you can make your own air freshener with only 3 ingredients. Use a pot that you DO NOT NEED for cooking. Warm up a cup of NON flammable potpourri oil, add 2 packets of gelatin and a teaspoon of salt. Stir until the gelatin dissolves. Pour the liquid over into hot-safe jars. Allow the jars as well as the liquid to cool completely otherwise you will burn. Leave the lid off or drill some holes in the lid to prevent your masterpiece from drying out.

3. Reed Diffuser

What is a reed diffuser? A reed diffuser is when you place reed diffuser sticks in your fragranced water. The reed sticks soak up the water and helps to set your fragrance free filling the room with a pleasant smell. Guess what? It is so easy to make! Pour some liquid potpourri oil into a glass jar and place the reed sticks into the liquid. Flip the sticks over every hour to speed up the process. A reed diffuser works well in smaller rooms such as bathrooms.

4. Make some linen water

Yes, another DIY and a super easy one. If you have guests coming over or even sleeping over and you want to freshen up the guest room this hack is for you. Take some potpourri oil and throw a few drops into water, mix well. Take that water and place it into a spraying container and VOILA your very own linen water!

5. For a personal touch

If you are looking to add that extra special touch on a gift you just bought then listen closely. Add some of the potpourri oil onto the ribbon tied around the gift. This will give it add a personal touch and make it smell GOOD.

6. Potpourri Perk-Up

Make use of old dried out items such as pine cones and dried apples. Take a little bit op potpourri oil and pour it over these dried-out items on top of a paper towel, place this inside the bowl. Make sure to use a glass or ceramic bowl to avoid damage. The potpourri oil may discolour other items such as wooden bowls.

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