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August 25, 2020
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September 10, 2020

Perfume is like our second skin!! It’s a first impression and a lasting memory. The only problem is that we don’t always use it to its full potential. Here are 10 things everyone needs to know about perfume.

1. Perfumes should be stored in a cold and dark place.

Heat and light break down the chemical bond that gives perfume its scent. Best way to make your perfume last is to keep it in a cupboard or a decorative box.

2. You can maximize the smell of your perfume!

How on earth do we do it? Well, instead of spraying the perfume on every part of your body, start spraying them on certain pulse points. Your pulse point is where your veins are closest to your skin. The pulse points radiate heat which helps maximizes the scent of your perfume.

3. Fragrances in modern time are not made of real flowers.

Due to mass production, the use of real flower scents had to be replaced with synthetic fragrances. The advantage is that life expectancy is increased due to extended expiration dates.

4. Do not under any conditions rub your wrist when perfume is applied.

This is a myth that comes a long way – I am also guilty of this one. While applying perfume on your wrist is an excellent move, rubbing them together can distort the balance between the top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Rubbing your perfume into your pulse points WILL NOT make it last longer. Rubbing your perfume causes friction between the molecules of your perfume making the scent evaporate faster.

5. Moisturize beforehand.

Moisturize is a MUST. Using an unfragranced moisturizer or even Vaseline helps the fragrance last longer to the area you applied the perfume to.

6. Perfumes smell different on different people.

My friend has this heavenly perfume! I thought: “WOW, I want to smell like this every day!!” BUT when I tried it, it wasn’t what I imagined. Perfume mixes with your unique scent making them smell different on each individual.

7. Scents can change with the mood you’re in.

Did you know that the mood you’re in will affect your ability to choose the best fragrance? How? Your spirit influences your body’s PH balance, meaning that when you are in a good mood your olfactory sensory system (sense of smell) is at its peak.

8. What makes oil-based perfumes different?

Oil-based perfumes last on average 5-16 hours. Oil-based perfumes have a fresh, elegant, true scent with a long shelf life. The actual perfume ingredients and extracts in fragranced oil are far more concentrated than those in standard alcohol-based Eau de toilettes and perfumes. Luckily The Body Corp’s perfumes are all Oil-Based.

9. Perfume isn’t healthy for your hair.

We all want that extra touch by just spritzing a small amount of perfume in our hair. In the meantime, we have been doing more harm than good! There are ingredients in the fragrances which causes our hair to dry out if applied frequently.

10. Your nose can get overwhelmed.

When you go perfume shopping avoid trying 2-3 perfumes in a row. Too many smells can put your nose in overdrive making it hard for your brain to categorize the different types of scents.

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