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August 15, 2020
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August 25, 2020

What is Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a gelatinous substance obtained from a kind of aloe, used especially in cosmetics as an emollient. Aloe Vera grows in hot and dry climates. We have used Aloe Vera in almost everything these days. From water to medicine to beauty products. The benefits this plant provides is astounding!

Benefits of Aloe

1. Aloe Vera helps with Acne.

If you struggle with acne, Aloe Vera can help! Aloe Vera contains a unique compound known as Saponin that gives it its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. This helps to reduce the redness and swelling of the skin. We all know a red spot is a bad spot!

2. Aloe Vera can be used as a moisturizer.

Aloe Vera helps to soften the skin without clogging pores! Applying Aloe Vera gel to your face can help reduce inflammation. Aloe Vera helps moisturize your skin without giving it a greasy feel, making it perfect for people with an oily complexion.
Tip: Add some lemon juice! This may help lighten age spots as well as freckles.

3.Aloe Vera can be used as an aftershave.

Men can use Aloe Vera as an aftershave treatment as it has healing properties. This helps to heal the small cuts caused by shaving. Furthermore, Aloe Vera helps maintain skin PH levels.

4.Helps treat cold sores.

What are cold sores? An inflamed blister in or near the mouth, caused by infection. Aloe Vera can help speed up the healing process, fight off bacteria (helping to prevent further infection) and relieve some pain caused by the sore. How to use: Apply directly to sore and leave on. Repeat this action throughout the day.

5.Aloe Vera can help lessen stretch marks.

Aloe Vera may help lessen the visibility of stretch marks. Stretch marks appear due to minor tears in the skin. Aloe gel can help hide stretch marks by healing these wounds.

6.Aloe Vera can help heal wounds and burns.

Aloe Vera can accelerate the healing of wounds and burns.
Fun Fact: Aloe Vera is used in medication to treat first and second-degree burns. A study has shown that burn victims who use Aloe Vera heal 9 days faster than patients using conventional medicine.

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