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September 10, 2020
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It is a wonder what make up can do to a person these days! It is awesome – there are so many makeup tricks people can follow to help them look AMAZING! I am guilty off this! There are even a few tips we can follow to help us look younger again. Here are 7 amazing tips I found online.

Tip #1: Cheeks

For mature skin it is recommended to use a cream blush instead of a powdered blush. The cream blush will create a natural finish whereas a powder blush will only make your skin look dull and dry. Applying a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks will help you look younger than what you really are! IMPORTANT – Do not use blush to contour your face.

Tip #2: Brighten those inner corners

This is an awesome trick even if you don’t wear any make up. It is always a good idea to conceal the darkness of the inner corners of your eyes. Most people tend to focus more on the darker circles around their eyes – which is not bad but just remember the smaller detail, and that is the outer corner of your eyes. This trick will brighten up your face aswell as to help you to look well rested and fresh! Remember that dark circles around your eyes – we must cover them up as well too give you that full look! The best thing to do it to draw an upside-down triangle shape on your face this helps to push those “cheeks” upwards.

Tip #3: Foundation

Keep your coverage light. What we mean here is use a lightweight foundation and set it with a dusting of loose translucent powder. This will help you create that natural look. If you are tempted to apply a lot of make up to cover all the aging spots, STOP! This will only create an older look and it will only settle in the lines of your skin, drawing attention to them.

Tip #4: Concealer

Concealer is a very important aspect you cannot forget as it can make or break your look. If you get your concealer wrong it can make you appear older than what you are and it can draw attention to the wrinkles on your face. The best tip I can give you is to find a concealer that suits your skin perfectly – and a shade lighter than your own skin is perfect as it would blend in easier.

Tip #5: Colour!

I know this is a bold move and as we get older, we do not take chances. Natural colours like tan or brown are safe options but they can dull you down. A bright colour can change your whole face! This will help you look healthier and youthful, plus it gives you an extra bit of confidence! Maybe add a darker lipstick or a bit of sparkle around the eyes.

Tip #6: Lip Liner

Why is lip liner important? Lip liner adds to a well finished face and helps you to look more attractive and younger.Not just that when you forget to apply lip liner your lips start to bleed or feather meaning that your applied lipstick starts to lose its “shape”.

Tip #7: Eyebrows

Brows are the most important thing there is – doesn’t matter what age you are they play a big role in your makeup routine. Thick eyebrows are mostly associated with youth, because as we get older, we tend to lose hair. There are many tricks you can use to thicken your eyebrows. For instance, do not draw harsh lines. Harsh lines tend to look artificial. When picking out an eyebrow pencil, the best is to get one that is a shade lighter than your natural brows.

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