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September 3, 2020
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September 17, 2020

Did you ever want to change your hair colour, but weren’t sure which colour is right for you? Been there, and trust me I have made some mistakes. I learned there were a lot of factors that play a role in determining your hair colour. I know you see a picture of a stunning girl and now you want that exact same hairstyle, but before telling you hairdresser to permanently dye your hair keep the follow factors in mind:

1. Your complexion:

This in one of the most important factors! Your skin tone matters! When you find your skin tone you can choose the perfect hair colour that compliments you in every way. Choosing the wrong colour can clash with your skin tone making you look unnatural, dull or dreary.

Here is a guide to determine your skin tone:

1. Wash you face completely – meaning no makeup, no toners, no moisturizers, nothing. Wait 15 minutes after washing your face and from there on determine if you have a cold, warm or natural undertone.

2. Check your veins. This is the most common technique to discover your skin tone. Take a look at the veins in your wrist – make sure to do this in natural light. Hold up your arm and determine the colour of your veins if they are:
– If you veins appear green you most probably have a warm skin tone.
– If you veins appear blue or purple you most probably have a cold skin tone
– If you cannot decide which colour you see, then you have a natural skin tone

3. The paper to face technique. This is a weird one I know but maybe just try it? Looking in a mirror, place a piece of white paper next to your face. See how your skin looks next to the paper, if:
– Your skin appears yellowish you may have a warm skin tone
– If your skin appears rosy, red-blueish or pink you may have a cold skin tone
– If there is no sign of yellow, olive or pink then you may have a natural skin tone
– If it appears olive, your skin tone varies from a warm to natural skin tone

2. Your eyes

Now that we have determined our skin tone let’s take a look at our eyes! If your goal is to intensify your eye colour then you should opt for a contrasting colour. Let’s take for example: You have blue eyes but you want them to look brighter then maybe try dyeing your hair a caramel blonde or golden blonde. If they are green try a soft or fiery red tone.

3. Decide if you want to go natural or do a drastic change

Well if you know me there is nothing like a natural change… but if this is your first time colouring your hair and you just want to go for a natural change do it! A natural change involves going 2-3 shades darker or lighter, where a drastic change is going form blonde to black or changing your hair pink or blue! Make sure the colour suits you.

4. Keep in mind the shade of your skin

This is also an important factor – keep the shade of your skin in mind. Is your skin light, medium or dark? If your skin is:
– Pale or light – Make use of a light shade. REMEMBER to keep your skin tone in mind as well. Example: Light skin and warm skin tone try strawberry blonde (which is AMAZING) or a honey colour. Light skin and cool tones try platinum or champagne blonde.
– Medium skin – With medium skin there is a variety you can choose from. Medium skin and warm skin tone try golden caramel or copper. Medium skin and cool skin tone try a walnut brown.
– Dark skin – Dark skin and cool skin tone can work perfect with an inky black shade. For dark skin and warm tones try a toffee colour!

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