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July 28, 2020
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Doing your nails can be both relaxing and frustrating. I always want my nails painted, but when I do it myself it suddenly starts to get cold or I hit my hand on every object in the house. For me it’s easier to let someone else do my nails. What do you guys think? One day I was desperate for a manicure, so I decided this time I was going to do it myself. I sat down and started googling some nail tricks and tips. This was a life saver! If you are in the same boat as I am here are some tricks and tips for doing your nails.

1. Make your nail polish dry faster.
I did this trick once and it was a lifesaver. I do not recommend doing this every time as the nail polish only hardens at the top but when if you hit your nail on something you can see that the coats are still fragile. Ok, here is the trick: After doing your nails soak your fingers in a bowl filled with water and ice. The cold water helps set the paint. This is excellent for when you are in a hurry but if you have time on your hands rather let it dry naturally.

2. Line your nails with Vaseline or white glue before painting.
Why on earth would you do this? This prevents any of the nail polish to get onto your skin next to your nail, and if you tend to be a messy painter – like me – then this is a lifesaver. When you are done painting your nails AND THEY ARE DRY just wipe the Vaseline or glue of with a wet towel.

3. When applying your nail polish apply thin coats.
When you apply thick coats of nail polish it will take longer to get dry, and that is certainly not what we want. Apply 3 thin coats to prevent a lumpy and “wet” look.

4. If you are in love with polka dots but always struggle to make the perfect dot, then this hack is for you! Use one of your bobby pins! Take the bobby pin and place the tip into your preferred colour and just gently press that dot perfectly on your nail.

5. Placing that rhinestone perfectly can be a real hassle, and picking it up is just more frustrating! Make use of your eyeliner pencil to pick up and place that rhinestone in the perfect position. A lip pencil is also effective!

6. Do not shake your nail polish. When you shake the nail polish it creates air bubbles inside. Instead roll the nail polish between your hands vertically. Not only will this help mix your nail polish better but there will be no air bubbles!

7. Always use a BASECOAT! I know this takes some extra time but the basecoats give the coloured nail polish something to “grab” onto, making them last a few days longer.
BONUS: When you remove a dark nail polish you tend to see that they stained your nails – We all have been there – using a base coat will help prevent dark nail polish from staining your nails.

8. Although we all want our nails to dry faster, please stay away from quick drying nail polish. Quick-drying nail polish tends to dry out your nails leaving it with no moisture and no strength!

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