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July 7, 2020
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What is lotion?

Lotion is a thick, smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. Lotions are applied to dry, irritated skin, using a brush, clean cloth, or just your bare hands. Although lotions are used in many medicine delivery systems, Hand & Body Lotion are simply used for moisturizing and soothing your skin.

Benefits of Hand & Body Lotion:

1. Hydrate dry skin:

It doesn’t matter in which environment you work you need to moisturize! People who work with chemicals or water, have skin that tends to dry out more and therefore, moisturizing becomes crucial. In winter times the air is dry and your skin tends to dry out more, BUT this doesn’t mean you don’t have to moisturize in summer times as well!
Moral of the story: ALWAYS MOISTURIZE!

2. Makes your skin glow:

To apply Hand & Body Lotion frequently helps remove dull and dead skin it also rejuvenates the underlying tissues leaving your skin with a fantastic glow!

3.Can serve as perfume:

There are so many different fragrances to choose from. Pick your favourite one and enjoy the relaxing feeling it gives your skin! The fragrance of your lotion can influence your mood making you feel good as well!

4. Smooth calluses:

Moisturizing the problem areas with a moist body lotion can make these areas supple and help you remove the dead skin easier. If your calluses appear swollen or have red streaks running from them PLEASE see a doctor rather than removing them yourself.

5. Makes your skin softer:

Applying Lotion on a regular basis will help make the cuticles on your hands softer which makes it easier to remove.

When to apply lotion?

1. Before Exercising:

If you decided to go for a run in the park, moisturize beforehand. The weather has an impact on your skin. For example: If it’s chilly outside the wind can cause your skin to dry out more, moisturizing will prevent this action from taking place.

2. After Shaving:

Not only does shaving remove unwanted hair, but it also removes the top layer of surface cells similar to an exfoliator. Moisturizing after shaving will help your skin restore from dryness caused by shaving and help heal any razor irritation.

3. Before Bed:

As we sleep moisture tends to leave your skin. Prep yourself before you go to bed!

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