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All the girls have been dreaming of that wedding dress. I know I have! There are a few questions coming your way when you have your bridal appointment. Which type of silhouette? What type of neckline are you searching for? Sleeves or no sleeves? I know, so many questions that you never though about, all we see is a beautiful amazing dress and that is what we want. Here is a guide of the types of silhouettes you need to know before attending your bridal appointment.

1. Ball gown

We all know the princesses with their amazing sparkly wide “over the top” dresses. Don’t get me wrong over the top dresses are beautiful. A ball gown is a real fairy tale moment where you can be the princess marrying your prince! A ball gown features a fitted bodice (may include a corset) with a wide full skirt that usually consists of layers and layers of tulle. The skirt starts at your hips and opens up. A ball gown is perfect for the brides who want to emphasize their waist.

2. A-Line

A-line is a combination of sheath and ball gown silhouettes. Think of this silhouette as an A-line shape, the skirt starting small and becoming fuller as it starts to drop. This is not as dramatic as the ball gown and it’s perfect for any type of wedding! A-line dresses can be made of soft materials such as tulle, lace or organza but there are few brides who prefer the structured look which is also possible in an A-line dress. This dress is perfect when you have an hourglass or pear body shape.

3. Modified A-Line

Did you know there is a difference between the modified A-line silhouette and the A-line silhouette? A modified A-line silhouette is even less dramatic than the A-line with a skirt that fits closer to the body than the traditional version.

4. Sheath

This is where my problem begins between sheath or A-line. A sheath silhouette hugs your body and falls straight to the floor below the hips. A sheath silhouette allows you to feel sexy and romantic at the same time! This is an effortless gown, and the bonus is, it doesn’t contain much fabric. A sheath silhouette works perfectly with any type of fabric such as satin, lace and beading. Sheath dresses are a flattering option for slim figures and petite brides.

5. Mermaid

The mermaid silhouette is known for the most flirtatious silhouettes, since it is fitted from the bodice straight to the hips. The mermaid silhouette will enhance your curves or give you an illusion of the hourglass figure. From the knees down there must be a WOW factor which is accomplished by a ruffle skirt, beading or ruching.

6. Trumpet

Just like the A-line silhouette that has a modified version, the mermaid dress has the trumpet silhouette. The trumpet silhouette is not as fitted as the mermaid silhouette. The trumpet silhouette is fitted all the way down to your mid-thigh where the volume begins. This is a perfect style when you have fuller hips and you are trying to rock that glam look!

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