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We all dream of our big day – but this can be very stressful for some brides. Finding the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect shoes – some of us are still trying to find the perfect man.

There is a lot happening on that day, make sure you are prepared for anything. Here are some
secrets and tips brides have given us to make that big day perfect.

1. Clean your ring.

The ring is like the centre piece of the wedding. This will only help you to enhance your SPARKLY look during the wedding – if you have any other jewellery that you are planning to wear, go to your nearest jeweller and get them all professionally cleaned.

2. Break in your shoes.

Have you ever purchased some new shoes and decided to wear them the next day because they are absolutely fabulous? That is exactly the case with your wedding shoes – do not make that mistake. Wear them for short periods of time around the house. Try walking on different surfaces to break them in even more.

3. Test the look.

This is excellent and it would just enhance your excitement! When you collect a dress – hopefully a week before the wedding, try it. By try it on I mean try on the whole look, from shoes to jewellery. Practise walking down the aisle. This will help you to get the perfect walk on your wedding day.
Bonus: Try going to the bathroom with your dress on.

4. Check that marriage license.

This is important from the day you say I do – your marriage license will be requested for any future purchases, for instance: buying a house. Make sure it is in order and assign someone to keep track on that day – to ensure that it is signed correctly.

5. Eat

This is something most brides tend to forget. You are not losing any weight by not eating on your wedding day. In fact, you will feel sick, and your blood sugar will drop. Make sure to eat before your wedding and during your wedding. Remind yourself to enjoy your day!!!

6. Clean up

After the wedding you are so tired and do not want to clean anything – you just want to leave for your honeymoon. MISTAKE! Take time to clean your home : coming back to a clean home after your honeymoon is the best feeling ever!

7. Pack before hand

If you are leaving for the honeymoon soon – make sure to pack your bags as it would allow you not to worry about anything and you can just sit back and enjoy your wedding! I hope that some of these tips work for you!

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