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Getting engaged is one of the most special things ever! This is the precursor to spending the rest of your life with the one you love. Getting engaged can also be stressful for the guys, as they need to know everything about the ring : what style, white gold or yellow gold, princess cut or round, what is her finger size? Such a lot of things that guys need to know.

Personally, for me, it is better to be a part of the engagement ring design, especially when you are planning on wearing it as your wedding ring as well.

There are a few pro’s and cons when you are part of the whole process:

Benefit – You know the ring will fit you.
Con – You know it’s coming.
Benefit – You know you LOVE the ring.
Con – He can’t show off how good he knows you.
Benefit – It WILL NOT ruin the moment.

Now let’s start with the fun part: the types of engagement rings to choose from. This is more about the cut of the diamond you choose to have in your engagement ring. Many people prefer a round cut as it the cheapest option – do not get me wrong, I love a round cut. I also LOVE a princess cut. Just remember this is your engagement ring and it must represent your personality.

Let’s look at the differences:

Princess cut

The princess cut ring is a square diamond when viewed from above. This cut gives you that cheeky look. Although many people say that the princess cut lost it popularity, it is still one of my favourites. The diamond makes a statement and there is no need to add more to the ring – you can just keep it simple and it will still look amazing.

Round cut

A round diamond can be used for anything – you can choose to wear it simple or add some glamour to it. This cut gives you a lot to work with. My personal favourite about a round cut diamond is it can be transformed into any masterpiece you wish to have on your finger. A round shape has been linked to the personality characteristic of warmth and empathy.

Oval Cut diamond

Oval cut diamonds can make such a statement. Oval cuts have the brilliance of a round diamond, but with a more unique shape. When an oval diamond is cut well, you can create the illusion that the diamond it actually bigger than it really is. Oval cut diamonds made a comeback and they are trendier than ever.

Cushion cut

This cut is almost like the princess cut as it gives the illusion that it is a square. This is a square cut diamond with round corners. They are less brilliant than the round cut. This cut claimed it’s spot as the 3 rd favourite diamond cut. This is a beautiful diamond, what do you think?

Pear shape

The pear shape diamond is really funky. This gives me the outgoing type of girl vibe. This can also be called a teardrop shape. This is a combination of a round cut diamond and a marquise diamond. This diamond is always worn with the narrow end pointing towards the hand. This diamond is supposed to be symmetric; the point should line up with the apex of the rounded end. This diamond provides much working space for the wedding band to be classy and funky.

A marquise

A marquise diamond cut is a unique diamond, and the world is loving it. This shape gives off a dramatic look and resembles a smile. This diamond cut isn’t that popular among traditional brides, but for a free spirited girl, this is perfect. What makes this ring unique is it can either be worn horizontally or vertically. How would you
wear it?

Which one is your favourite?

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