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March 5, 2020
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Recently I started wearing glasses – at first it was cool – you know seeing everything in focus again made a huge different – but then one day I decided to wear some make up. Can I tell you how hard it is to wear make up with your glasses, you need the perfect frame, the right colours and do not even think about putting on your long lashes! Without your glasses, you cannot see the world in focus – now you need to focus on fine detail like getting your makeup perfected…this my friends is the biggest challenge ever!

Lips are very important:

This is a basic tip for all make up – doesn’t matter if you have glasses or not. BALANCE! You either emphasize your lips or your eyes but never both! Make sure to keep your lips natural if you are planning on going bold with your make up – or the other way around!

Eyebrows are important:</4>

The way glasses frame your eyes, are very important. And then again your eyebrows are the frames to your glasses. Make sure your brows are in shape and ready for action as it is getting more attention as usual. Get your pencil, gel or powder ready for shaping those brows!

Big frames:

If you are a beauty guru and it is time to wear glasses, make sure you pick the right frame. An important trick to keep in mind while buying frames – the bigger the frame, the more space you have for those smokey eyes.. You will see a frame can either enlarge your eyes or shrink them – smaller frames are also amazing as they give you a more professional look!

Colours should not compete with each other:

What do we mean by this? When doing your make up make sure the eyeshadow colours don’t clash with your glasses. It is always better to get either white or black frames as every colour goes with it – if you are planning to take a coloured frame there is nothing wrong with that though.. Let’s say for example you take a pink frame and you want to put on pink eye shadow – rather go 2 shades lighter or darker and end it off with eyeliner and mascara.

Use the correct mascara:

If you have been wearing glasses all your life you know that mascara can be a pain! If you are blessed with long lashes then you know all about the struggle of smudged lenses – make use of waterproof mascara as it will not smudge your lenses and just for the fun of it apply 2 coats.

Rock your wing:

The best makeup looks to go with glasses are wings.. Although a wing can be challenging to do, it is one of the sexiest looks to wear with your glasses. To really embrace this look, draw the wing flick so it aligns with the top corner of your glasses. Make this a bold look and pair it with some red lipstick just to make sure you keep the balance.

Trick your eye:

If you are near-sighted your lenses tend to make your eyes appear smaller. This is an easy problem to fix – all you need is a little white or nude shimmering powder in the inner corner of your eye. You can even try a white eyeliner on the bottom rim of your eyelid.
Please note that black eyeliner will make your eyes appear smaller.

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