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Hand sanitizer is an easy way to get your hands germ free really quickly. Hand sanitizer contains a variety of products which helps you to disinfect your hands. The best thing about Waterless hand sanitizer is – well it is waterless! Meaning that no water is needed in this process. Hand sanitizer is also easy to apply and it doesn’t need a lot of components.

You only need 2 components:

1. Your waterless hand sanitizer
2. Friction

Hand sanitizer is really easy to apply as it only takes several seconds.

Steps for applying hand sanitizer:

1. Make sure your hands are free from any visibly organic matter. For example, dirt. Hand sanitizer does not clean your hands and only disinfects your hands from any bacteria.
2. Apply a 10c sized amount of hand sanitizer in the palm of your one hand.
3. Rub your hands together – make sure you cover every surface from your hands to your fingers.
4. Rub until all the waterless hand sanitizer is absorbed.

Now the big reveal! How does hand sanitizer work and why do we apply it? As we have already discussed, hand sanitizer works very well, and has advantages above soap and water, although it is not effective when you need to wash organic material from your hands which is visible (like dirt).

There are a few benefits that hand sanitizer can provide:

– It is not that time consuming as washing your hands with soap and water. So, if you are in a hurry this is perfect.
– If you buy a hand sanitizer with the correct ingredients it can improve your skin.
– Helps to kill bacteria therefore reducing bacteria count on your hands.
– Act quickly to kill micro-organism on your hands.
– They do not promote anti-microbial resistance
– Waterless hand sanitizer can be carried with you – making it more accessible than a sink with water and soap.
– It is less irritating to skin than soap and water.

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