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February 20, 2020
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Did you know that there are more than 1 type of braids? Braids are unique and each style helps to complete your look. Saying that someone wore a braid is just not enough info: Yes, she wore a braid, but which one – what style, what technique?

Here are the top 7 braids every girl makes:

1. The 3 stranded braid

This braid is common among all the girls. This is the first technique you teach your boyfriend when he wants to do your hair – it’s basic and straight forward. Although this braid is basic – it can be styled with Everything, from a fancy dinner, to a day on the beach. This is excellent if you are trying to get your hair out of your face – you do not need much to achieve this look.
You will need a:
– Hairbrush
– Elastic band
– Hair pins (If needed)
How to achieve this look:
1. Brush your hair – make sure all the tangles are out.
2. Divide into 3 strands.
3. Flip left section over the middle strand.
4. Now flip the right section over the middle section
(The middle section now was the left section in the previous step)
5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you reach the end of your hair.
6. secure the end with an elastic band.

2. Fishtail braid

This braid was one of the last braids I learned to make. This can be a complicated braid if you lose track of what you are doing. This is a better braid to style for a fancy event. You can create this look by separating your hair into 2 pieces and weaving thin sections of hair together.
To create this look you will need the following:
– Hairbrush
– Elastic band
– Hair Pins (If needed)
How to achieve the fishtail braid:
1. Brush your hair – make sure there are no tangles
2. Tie all your hair in a ponytail where you wish to have your fishtail braid started.
3. Divide ponytails into 2 sections
4. Take a thin section of hair on the outer side of your left strand flip it over and add it to the inner side of the right
section of your ponytail. 5. Now do the same with the right side – take a thin section from the outer side of the strand and flip it over to the inner of the left strand.
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until you reach the end of your hair.
7. Secure the ends with an elastic band.
8. Cut off the elastic band at the top of this braid.
9. If you want you can spray on hairspray to secure your braid from becoming undone through the day.

3. French braid

French braid is an advanced 3 stranded braid. This is also a classic style around the world and can be worn messy or stylish. This is great if you want to keep all of your hair out your face during those summer days. When I started off learning to do this braid, it took some time getting used to all the strands etc, but after a bit of practise I can complete it in a minute or two. Again, you will not need much to accomplish this braid.
For this style you will need a:
– Hairbrush
– Elastic band
How to style your French braid:
1. Brush your hair – make sure it is detangled and that all the knots are brushed out.
2. Take a strand of hair on the top of your head between the temples and divide the strand into 3 sections.
3. Braid it in a stitch.
4. Going onwards add a section of hair to every section on the outside of the braid then flip it over the middle as if it
was a normal 3 strand braid.
5. once you reach a point where you can no longer add hair, continue as if it was a 3-strand braid, then secure the ends.
6. This step is optional – for a messier braid tug and pull some strands to give it more volume.

4. Pull through braid

This is a “new” braid and it is loved by every girl around the world. If you have fine textured hair then this is the braid for you. The pull through braid helps to bring volume back into your hair! This involves tying your hair into a bunch of ponytails and pulling them through each other.
For the pull through braid you will need:
– Hairbrush
– Elastic bands (please note that you are going to need more than 8)
How to achieve this look:
1. Brush your hair to remove all tangles and knots.
2. Pick up a strand of hair at the top of your head. Tie it into a
3. Take a strand of hair and make another ponytail underneath
the already made one.
4. Split your first one in half, bring both strands around the
second ponytail and tie them together.
5. Get yourself another strand and make a 3 rd ponytail.
6. Spit the second ponytail and tie the 2 strands around the 3rd ponytail.
7. Repeat until you run out of hair to tie ponytails.
8. At the nape of your head tie the ponytails together and do one final stitch to finish of the look.

5. The Dutch braid

This type of braid is like a French braid but upside down – when I was still learning to do braids, I accidentally figured this one out before the French braid. This braid has a lot of dimension to it because it sits on top of your hair. This style is great to create a flirtatious look.
All you need for this braid is:
– Hairbrush
– Elastic bands
How to achieve this look:
1. Brush out all the tangles in your hair.
2. Pick up a strand of hair from between your temples –
divide the strand into 3 pieces.
3. Flip the one strand UNDER the middle section.
4. With every step start adding extra strands of hair to the left and right strand.
5.Continue step 3 and 4 until you reach the nape of your neck, just braid the rest down to the ends and secure it with an elastic.

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