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May 20, 2019
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Fatty/Oily Fish:

What do we mean by fatty/oily fish? Fatty fish are rich with sources of omega 3 fatty acids – which is important for maintaining healthy skin. The omega-3 acids help keep your skin thick, supple and moisturized. The omega-3 fats in fish help reduce inflammation. A BONUS: They make your skin less sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. Fatty fish contains Vitamin E, this is an important antioxidant for your skin. Getting enough Vitamin E is crucial for your skin for protecting it against any damage or inflammation. Fish supplies your skin with protein which is needed to maintain the strength in your skin.

Examples: Salmon, mackerel and herring


Avocados contain a variety of oils and fats that are superstars for your skin! These oils are essential to keep your skin flexible and moisturized. Avocados also contain Vitamin E which we already established is excellent for your skin!

Here is an anti-ageing avocado mask recipe:

Oleic Acid in the Avocado helps reduce inflammation, fighting wrinkles and lightning those evil red spots! Try this avocado mask and let me know how you experienced it!


1 Avocado (soft at the touch)

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil

Cut the avocado and remove the pit. Mix everything together in a bowl. Apply for 30 minutes. This mask will soften your skin. By doing this every night can improve your “wake up look”.

IMPORTANT: Take your make up off BEFORE applying the mask.

Green Tea:

There is a lot of benefits green tea has instore for us by using green tea. Did you know by drinking and applying green tea fights skin cancer? Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant that fights DNA damage from UV rays! Green Tea is a powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne. Green Tea contains Vitamin E as well as Vitamin B2.


Broccoli helps slow down ageing! A compound in broccoli named nicotinamide mononucleotide has been found to provide anti-ageing benefits. Broccoli contains Vitamin C. The Vitamin C in this vegetable fights free radicals that otherwise tends to speed up the ageing process


This nut is richer in omega-3 and omega-6 acids than any other nut. The omega-3 acids strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, locking in moisture. The healthy fats contained in walnuts can help reduce skin inflammation.

Sunflower Seeds:

Just like walnuts sunflower seed provide the same benefits. 28 grams consist of 37% of Vitamin E, 32% of selenium, 10% zinc. 5.4 grams of the 28 serve as protein!

Sweet Potatoes:

Beta-carotene is found in sweet potatoes. It functions as provitamin A, meaning your body can convert it into Vitamin A if needed.  100 grams of sweet potatoes have enough beta-carotene to provide 4 times the RDI of Vitamin A. Carotenoids act as a natural sunblock and helps maintain healthy skin.

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